Stamp Civil War


  • Unmarked Cavalry Sword Sabre Pre Civil War Rf Stamp With Scabbard
  • Civil War 1822/1840 French Import Heavy Cavalry Sword No Inspection Stamps Cs
  • M1860 Light Cavalry Saber Civil War Sword Stamped S. With Scabbard
  • Civil War Sword Cavalry Saber, Model 1840 Ames C Stamp
  • Us Civil War Model 1840 Cabotville Heavy Cavalry Sword Stamped
  • Mint Civil War M1850 Confederate Sword & Scabbard Highly Engraved Stamp #68643
  • Civil War Confederate Lance, Spear, Spontoon Polearm Pike Stamp Cs No Sword
  • Model 1821 Civil War Confederate Sword Stamped Wm. Walscheid, Solingen Proved
  • Stamped Us Allegheny Arsenal Civil War Belt Buckle Dug Richmond Va Latch Sword