Stamp Civil War

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  • Marked Colts Patent. 44 Caliber H (army/holster) Civil War Bullet Mold. Rare
  • Marked Colts Patent 1851/1861.36 Caliber (navy) Civil War Bullet Mold. Rare
  • Manhattan Firearms Mfg Co Ny. 36 Caliber Civil War Era Bullet Mold With Bullets
  • Marked Colts Patent Civil War Era. 44 Dragoon Bullet Mold. Inspection Marked
  • Exonumia Counter Stamped Early 1/2c (#8392) Stamped Ira 1862. Civil War
  • Civil War Maine 1860s #65 Patriotic Cover, Paid Cancel, Lady & Shield Design
  • Civil War Patriotic Flag Bingtown C1863 (corporal) Henry Eisenhart 173rd Pa 7y
  • Civil War Era. 31 Cal Double Cavity Bullet Mold Minie Musket Ball 8mm Cool! #6
  • Civil War 1860s Patriotic Cover, Crittenden, 6th Indiana, Shield & Stars Design
  • Civil War Wash, Dc 1861 Marston Free Frank Patriotic Cover, George Washington
  • #65 Maryland Cds On Civil War Patriotic Cover Sailor Rigging Design Bs1194
  • 1861 C. Figure With Flag And Ship Us Civil War Patriotic Cover
  • Civil War Wash, Dc (1861) #26 Patriotic Cover, Sailor And Flag Design
  • Civil War Tintype Portrait Soldier Tax Stamp Tinted 1/9 Plate Full Union Case